SOUL, a new language now in V1.0, makes audio coding vastly more accessible

January 20, 2021

London — Today’s release of SOUL, the new universal language for audio applications, will dramatically lower barriers and expand access for developers creating any apps that depend on audio, as well as providing a more efficient architecture for audio processing.

SOUL has reached version 1.0 status with its language, compiler, and “SOUL patch” format all stable, tested, and ready to use in a wide variety of audio-related projects.. The team, led by JUCE and Tracktion creator Julian Storer, is already at work on an array of other SOUL tools including a visual editor and a developer portal.

“SOUL will revolutionize audio app development, eliminating challenges that have impeded developers for too long,” said Julian Storer, Head of Software Architecture at ROLI. “The need for a radical rethink of how audio apps are made has only become more urgent since I started the SOUL project in 2016. I’m tremendously excited about the V1.0 released today and the additional tools to come.”

Both a programming language and a platform for creating audio plugins and apps, SOUL will solve four fundamental problems facing audio developers today:

Since debuting SOUL at ADC 2018, the team has continuously welcomed feedback through the open-source repository at This feedback has helped SOUL reach its V1.0 state today.

The SOUL team encourages developers to explore the language on, read the documentation on the SOUL repository on Github, and give more feedback as the SOUL toolset continues to grow this year.

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